Monday, January 13, 2014

Target breach worse than initially thought

I guessed the Target breach would prove worse than initially thought, but that worse? Woaw! No.

In addition to the 40 million credit and debit cards records stolen, it seems that "at least 70 million PII records were also accessed." The Star Tribune also mentions the opinion of Jack Tomarchio, attorney specialized in cybersecurity and data protection, who claims that if the credit and debit cards breach was bad, the PII one is even worse: the banks can quickly revoke a credit or debit card, but people are usually unwilling to change where they live or their name.

And to have a good start for 2014, not only Target and Neiman Marcus were hit, but it appears that several other retailers suffered the same type of breach.

2014 already announces itself as the Year of the Permanent Credit Card Monitoring.

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