Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Spammer can ruin my life! Or can he now?

Recently, I got a message from a spammer (order (at) creativegrowers.com) who claimed he or she could ruin my life. Here is the message for your enjoyment.
Good day...

Do not regard on my English, Im from Japan.I installed the virus onto your device.At present I thiefted all privy background from your device. Furthermore I got some more evidence.The most important evidence that I received- its a videotape with your self-abusing.I put virus on a porn web site and after you downloaded it. As soon as you picked the video and clicked on a play, my malware at once set up on your system.
After adjusting, your web camera made the video with you wanking, additionally software captured exactly the video you chose. In next few days my deleterious soft found all your social media and email contacts.

If you need to delete the records- pay me 540 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency).
I provide you my Bitcoin wallet address - 1Ph5bArH1nN2HVKLLnKE3UB4ZstoEb8Gfc

You have 24 h. to go after reading. As soon as I receive transfer I will destroy the compromising forever. Other way I will send the video to all your colleagues and friends.

The source of the message is, which is on Digital Ocean. Furthermore, the message headers tend to indicate that the site "creativegrowers[.]com" got compromised and is spewing spam.

Blockchain.info shows that at least one payment was made to that address, for a total of 0.03 BTC on 2018-04-30, which represents a bit short of $300. Has someone fell for that scam? Is this something else? Anyway, I will keep an eye on the transaction to and from that address.