Friday, January 17, 2014

IBM to invest some serious money into Watson

Do you remember Watson, IBM's Jeopardy winner? Well, after its triumphal apparition in the game show, IBM tried to place it as a medical advisor, but so far, success hasn't been there.

Recently, the (big) blue company announced it would pour $1 billion into the business development, to help place the cyber doctor/advisor. A few reasons are presented for why sales have not skyrocketed.

This is interesting, as there were a number of initiative to bind machine learning with medicine. In several cases, the machine was able to find a better, i.e. more efficient or cheaper, than its flesh-and-bone counterpart. The underlying, unsaid reason (in my views) is that a machine doesn't partake in "sales" politics: it doesn't favour a specific brand nor does it try to "treat without curing".

Anyways, I really wish Watson become more of a success: with the explosion of diseases, such as autoimmune diseases or cancers, we really need to have all the brainpower we can have, both hardware and wetware.

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