Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A clustered Samba Fileserver, Issue with packages on Fedora 13

In order to redo all the steps, I deleted and re-created my Fedora 13 virtual machines. However, when I arrive at installing the packages for clustering, the system can't complete the request, as it looks for older packages and failed to recognize the newer packages as valid.

I have open a ticket with Fedora's bugzilla: 646697

[20101026 - 8:30EST]

The cman maintainer, Fabio, and I narrowed down the issue to a nss-tools install problem: I run the x86_64 flavor of Fedora and when doing the yum install of the package, it tries to install i686 dependencies that are already installed in their x86_64 incarnation. For obvious reasons, this fails and the nss-tools package is not installed.

I had a quick look at the bug reports in Bugzilla but wasn't able to find anything related. I opened another bug report on which I'll work more on this as soon as I have the time. The new ticket is : 646807

[20101028 - 9:45EST]

"yum install nss-tools" now works correctly. Many thanks to the Fedora team!


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