Sunday, April 27, 2014

New gTLD Applications

Do you know what "cruise", "pamperedchef", "通用电气公司" and "click" have in common? They are proposals for new generic top-level domain ("gTLD") names. We all know the "com", "org","uk", "be" and other "net" names such as or, but some companies and entities fell a bit constrained by having to use overly generic categorizations in either commercial, organizational, governmental or generic entities.

A first wave of requests created some domain specifics TLD, such as .aero, .biz, and so forth. Mikko Hypponen, the charismatic CRO of the Finnish security company F-Secure, recently posted on twitter a few examples of the next wave. He also posted the wiki page that includes all the new gTLD applications.

Surprisingly enough, there is no ".omg", ".lolcat" or ".canIhazchezburger". It is also interesting to see that the internationalized domain names are making an appearance in the TLDs.

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