Friday, February 15, 2013

New Courses on MIT's OpenCourseWare

A few new courses available on MIT's OpenCourseWare:

Prediction: Machine Learning and Statistics

Prediction is an important step in science, with the ability to extend a theory to yet-unobserved phenomenon. Over the past decades, this has been extended by machine learning, a generic name to cover all the techniques and algorithms that can make predictions based on a set of data. MIT's 15.097 "Prediction: Machine Learning and Statistics" covers the most important parts of this field of Artificial Intelligence.

Introduction To MATLAB Programming

MATLAB has evolved a lot over the last few years and its domains of applications are limitless: modelization, data processing and visualization and so forth.  MIT's 18.S997 "Introduction to MATLAB Programming" will help those beginning with that software and explains the very basics and progress through a few elementary steps: root finding, plotting and some other computations.

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