Friday, January 18, 2013

Scientists Extend Einstein’s Relativity to the Universe’s First Moments

When one tries to apply Einstein's equations to very small spaces or times, the whole stuff breaks down and makes weird predictions. So, for the last decades, astrophysicists have been looking to unify Einstein's and quantum theories.

About 30 years ago, Ashtekar managed to do so and made Einstein's equation "quantum certified." A number of surprising results came out ... One of them is that the early universe was made of discrete cells that could assume multiple simultaneous states. Another prediction is that the Big Bang was rather a Big Bounce of a previous universe, that would have endured a Big Crunch!

The theory also predicts that there should be imprints. If found, it would confirm the Quantum Loop Theory, and possibly give other challenges to the astrophysicist: what was there before? How did the whole universal cycle started? Will it end?

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