Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Data Breach Avoided By Encryption

Once in a while, there is a news that doesn't make me feel like IT Security is hopeless.

Rossendale's Rising Bridge Business and Enterprise Village was victim of a burglary: yet unidentified thieves entered the newly built premises and stole computer equipment, including several laptops, containing data about vulnerable children. 

However and to the credit of the staff, these were encrypted and the data most likely not accessible: the community is down for its money, but won't have to explain to anxious parents why their children are now at risk of being abducted or falling victim to identity thief.

Again: kudos to the staff for implementing disk encryption.

Even for a personal laptop, disk encryption is important: everything done is stored and there could be information about various accounts (think "Google", "Facebook", "Amazon") that can be leverage to steal hard money.

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