Friday, August 12, 2011

Prime Minister Cameron to go after social networks in UK

This is all over the press: prime minister Cameron told the parliament that it might be useful to disrupt the usage of social networks if they are used to plot violence, disorder and criminality.

This is a slippery slope: why attack the communication channel? Is Mr. Cameron planning to go after phones (might be used by criminals to communicate with each other), emails (frequently used to carry threats), or stop the postal services (has been used to send anthrax and suspicious packages)?

This story reeks the censorship, and given the events that happened in Egypt not long ago, Mr. Cameron should be very cautious in what he says: this could easily be perceived as the first step towards a police state or to a lessening of people's rights, more specifically of their right to free speech.

There are reasons why these people are in the streets. Is it the unemployment rate? Is it the increasing costs?   The growing proportion of household getting into debt?

Mr. Cameron should listen to the people and remember that there is more in a democracy than just elections.

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